What we can do for your business

Our vendor agnostic advisory and consulting services help you filter out the fluff and technology product red herrings to find ways to cost effectively drive business performance in your company, and to help you make difficult decisions about foundational areas such as legacy systems, corporate culture and HR strategies.

Strategic Planning

Many companies are now beginning or are on the journey to make sense of the rapidly changing dynamics between people in our digitally ever more connected world, and most of us are aware of failures and unexpected roadblocks.

Fuzzy focus word meanings like ‘Social’, ‘Cloud’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Transformation’ and so on can be dangerously misconstrued in the group dynamics between different areas of companies – IT, Lines of Business, HR, C Suite planning – resulting in failed initiatives and poor understanding of direction.

Our services help executives bring into sharp focus viable, goal oriented ways forward which can be used to inform and leverage subsequent decisions around execution of strategy through digital tools and implementation and integrations. Forward planning invariably saves a lot of money further down the line by aligning clarity of purpose and intention with pragmatic, experienced insight into what it will take to succeed.


 What Problems Do You Need To Solve?

We know the ways we digitally interact, network and communicate with each other both individually and collectively are evolving rapidly, but making sense of how to profit from this while becoming more competitive and efficient is a huge open ended challenge.

The spotlight is on executives and staff tasked with exploring and manifesting results in a world currently full of hype and groupthink where business fashions change from week to week. This tightrope walk can be a lonely place as the clock ticks and efforts are made to find viable ways forward.

Oliver Marks and Associates has many years experience aligning business objectives with practical ways forward that will achieve them, bringing to bear deep knowledge of effective strategies, striping out complexities and bringing to bear deep knowledge of all the major technology player roadmaps.

We are widely considered a trusted pair of hands who have behaved honorably in the best interests of our clients and are proud of the results of our past work with clients. (Further information and references available on request).

Our services:

• Executive coaching

• Executive Innovation Brainstorming

• Team Workshops

• Vendor Evaluations

• Objective Discovery Sessions

• Strategic Roadmap Design

• IT Consulting

• Internal Marketing Communication of Goals, Use Models, Governance & Compliance clarity

Engagement Models


• Group Sessions

• Coaching

• Strategic Discovery

• Innovation Brainstorming

• Internal politics mediation and resolution to help connect different parts of the organization

• Identifying value

Strategy Roadmap engagements

– Delivery defined by business goals and problems to be solved

– Strategic roadmap project management, execution/oversight


HR Strategic consulting

• Cultural shift planning, execution aligned with technology roll out


IT Strategic Consulting

• Balancing the needs of Lines of Business with existing technologies, security, governance and regulatory requirements

Designed packages with elements of the above


• One on one and group coaching, thought leadership

• Group and Individual Telephone consultations

• Onsite engagements, typically at headquarter

• Innovation and strategic planning retreats

• Discovery design, capture across global entities

• Vendor evaluation and selection


Ways We Can Help You

Disruption. IT vendor hype. Complexity and information overload. Everyone knows we are going through enormous change across IT and mobile technologies, but business processes and collaboration channels don’t move that fast, and knowing what is real, beneficial and actionable against what is froth and fashion is challenging. People will collectively gravitate to working in new ways if a clear path forward has been designed and clearly communicated to them that offer a better working lifestyle – but increasingly the do-nothing alternative is information fragmentation across multiple locations.

Huge opportunities have opened up for accelerating business performance cost effectively, but left unattended a rapid build up of information fragmentation and multiple communication channels is doing serious damage to the ability of many businesses to operate efficiently.

Our services include:

  • ROI from Collaboration initiatives identification consulting
  • Workshops, Executive Strategic Advising and Alignment Services
  • Appropriate Vendor Selection and Integration Consulting
  • Collaboration Roadmaps and Enduring Use Strategies
  • Corporate Communications and Roll Out Strategy
  • Governance, Compliance and Participation Incentives
  • Discovery and Internal Communication Campaigns
  • Unbiased, Vendor Agnostic Technology Advising Services
  • Staffing and Human Resources Consulting
  • Political Wrangling
  • Fragmentation busting – Get Your Workforce Organized

Most importantly, we work towards your specific objectives and needs, designing materials tailor made as executable solutions to the specific issues you need resolved.


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